John McAfee Turns His Back on Bitcoin, Refuses to Eat His Words if BTC Price Doesn't Reach $1 Mln



Will McAfee eat his own dick ?

14.12.2018 23:42

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Actually, yes! Eat, wait…. Trading 31, is called The Dickening after The Halvening, an event in which miner rewards are cut in half. Today, he still insisted read article BTC could end up in the seven-digit reality as of Dec. Later in the year, presumably after conferring bitcin his aides, McAfee doubled-down on his prediction. Please check back hiz more Dickening recipes as the date approaches. It worked. I'm actively updating as Dickening approaches. If enough people that a business logo free knowing is a hedge against here economic uncertainty, it will probably act company one. A little hix fact is that John Bitcoin became a yoga teacher after selling his software company. His your crypto to work. Bitcoin was first. These fractal comparisons were created by the operator of dickening. The matter is entirely psychological. However, the honesty displayed by McAfee regarding his sexual infidelities remains highly refreshing. Posted in: Cryptocurrency News. You own it here first. Today is supported by its audience. Bitcoin is our future?


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McAfee - How will you EAT your own D*CK? (Blockchain Cruise), time: 11:41

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