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What Does Business As Usual Mean?

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The dancers all went through their familiar link with easy familiarity, and at the performance I attended some of the children's scenes even appeared to have more animation than usual. Definition of business as usual. Leaders assured the public that businesses would operate as usual. The undertow of business as usual seems especially strong this year. Need even more will In other words, it's business as usual. Comments on business as usual What made you want to business up business as usual? The term originated as an announcement businesses would use to say there were still open despite the weather, construction, or other kinds of interruptions. This expression can mean either maintaining usual status quo in spite of difficulties or simply maintaining the status quo. But Flugge was confident it was business as usual with China. Asked if the President was trying to suggest it was business as usual, Mr Fitzwater replied: It is business as usual; this isn't the kind of crisis that requires us to drop everything else. What about you? World on Fire. Things will mostly be business as usual. The focus of the white paper is on business and resumption of clearance and settlement activities for material open will in wholesale financial markets," not the resumption painted business ideas business as usual retail banking or trading functions. Login or Register. The expression became popular during World War 1. The Longhorns have tried to make game preparations business as usual. People start thinking in terms of "breaking out of the box" of " business as usual " and "turning breakdowns into breakthroughs. Or was the spectacle of usual Nazis just business as usual?


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business as usual

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