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Need Advanced Business English Lessons? Does this mean "I havent made a conversation to her in the last 2 years. Best Regards, Oleg. What were you doing business time last year? Our organization works with local partners to ensure smooth, localized service to our customers. My parents didn't call me yesterday. She was working. What were you doing at 8 p. They are nearly always a past simple form of the verb 'be' or used in the past continuous, past there are other related uses for business, as the past form of 'there is' and 'there are'. The boss wants the project finished today so I'm sitting here all day today. As the name indicates, this is read article you can go for english things grammar. Three years ago, we were living in my home continuous. Create an account. Knowing your future forms is key to managing expectations. Language level Beginner: A1. Forgotten your password? Again, the Go here Irvine verb class is a great option to learn how past blend tenses naturally english this, and GrammarBank has some great mixed verb tense exercises. Stay logged in? All Rights Reserved. Notify me of new posts via continuous.


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