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ML & Investing Part 2: Clustering


Cluster Analysis

08.10.2017 18:48

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Clusters in hand, we can move on to building a model that estimates intrinsic value. The hypothetical backtested performance does not represent the results of actual trading using client assets nor decision-making during the period and does not and is not intended to indicate the past performance or future performance of any account or investment strategy clustering by OSAM. After downloading and preparing the investments for the 3rd quarter ofI uploaded it to AuDaS. If the results are unimodal, then pick a point near the peak. Separating companies with a rank of 51 in ROE and 49 in profitability from the reverse is splitting hairs. The reason for this omission was the standard one: no one likes to discuss their failures. There was, however, an intuitive explanation more info that discrepancy: investments all wide receivers clustering drafted to do the same thing run a great route and then catch the balldifferent running backs are often asked to do different things for their clustering. Risk Management. What do we do in those cases? Note that the other two clusters, investments returns and high profitability, also receive a more premium price from the market, though not nearly to the same extent as great businesses. These funds have to be a bit more tactical to generate returns from their investments because of their size. If we believe that both dimensions, weight and market share of receptions, are equally important, investments we should give the algorithm points that show that visually: by having an equally large spread of values in both directions. This implementation scales all columns to have a standard deviation of 1. Even the most diversified clusters would have trouble withstanding recessionary headwinds. In particular, the ensembles of decision stumps that we designed last time are more info to this approach!


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